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A4size 5mm graph paper

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It is 5mm graph paper.

Handling start date:
Age restriction category:
For All Ages / 一般向け作品
Works category:
Works code:
  • NijiGEN Creators
xx: No Language Required / 言語を必要としない
First appearance event:
NijiGEN Portal
Original Works / オリジナル
Color / Monochrome:
Include full-color pages on parts / 一部カラー
Printer :
Color printer [A4 size or more] / カラープリンター(A4サイズ以上)
Paper size and thickness:
  • A4 size, Standard [0.09~0.17mm] / A4・普通(0.09~0.17mm)
Paper type:
  • Plain paper for double-side / 両面用普通紙
Size after cut / bookbinding:
  • A4 [No cutting / 断裁不要]

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