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What is NijiGEN Portal?

NijiGEN Portal is the platform for all printable Works.

In NijiGEN Portal, you can get the Works of many creators not as images or data but as "posters", "cards", or "books" using broadband and printers.

NijiGEN Portal Services

Electronic rental service: download the high-resolution PDF data of the Works [such as doujinshi and card games] provided by each circle with a validity period, print out, cutting and bookbinding, and obtain the Works It is a service that can do.

Flow Of Use

Electronic rental

When you receive the URL for downloading the Works data to the registered e-mail address, please download the Works data by clicking on the URL within 24 hours of receiving the email.

The Works data has a validity period [about 7-9 days].

Print Out

Display the downloaded Works data in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and print it out within the validity period [about 7-9 days].

Cut Paper

Cut the printed Works along the trim mark.

Using a paper cutting machine rather than a cutter or scissors makes cutting easier.

In addition, if the Works is a card game, it will finish beautifully when the corner is cut round with a corner cutter.


Arrange the cover and body of the Works on a page-by-page basis and make a crease along the trim mark.

With the creased book cover facing this side, stapling the top and bottom two places of the book with a stapler so as to overlap the crease, and complete the Works.

Using a bookbinding stapler rather than a typical stapler makes bookbinding easier.

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